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Who can live in The Villages?

The Villages is a 55+ federally and state designated subdivision. Eighty percent of the residents/renters MUST be over 55 years old. No child under the age of 19 can be in The Villages more than thirty days per year. This is regulated by using a recreation ID.

What county is The Villages located in?

The Villages is located in three counties.....Lake County, Sumter County and Marion County with three zip codes: 32162-32163-32159

We have three town squares:

Spanish Springs

Lake Sumter Landing


What is a Community Development District?

"A community development district (CDD) is a local, special-purpose government framework authorized by Chapter 190 of the Florida Statutes as amended, and is an alternative to municipal incorporation for managing and financing infrastructure required to support development of a community."

There are currently 12 Residential Community Development districts in The Villages. CDD's are state run government entities and their officials are elected by the residents of each district.

What is the Bond Assessment?

The bond assessment is money owed by the homeowner paid to the CDD for the development of the infracture of the districts. The amount is determined based on the cost of the infrastructure to develop the district. The newer the district the higher the bond. You have a choice to pay off the bond when you purchase the home or pay it annually over the next 20- 30 years at about a 4-5% interest rate. The amount owed appears on your non ad valorem tax bill until the debt has been satisfied. If there is still an existing bond on a home when it sells, the debt is then transferred to the new home owner.

What is the Maintenance Assessment?

The maintenance assessment is where each district owns and maintains the infrastructure such as:


Water Retention Areas

Storm and Gutter Facilities

Rights of Way


Common Areas

Street Lights

Golf Cart Paths etc.

The maintenance assessment amount appears annually on your non ad valorem tax bill and the amount is determined by the budgeting process based on the annual operating needs and planned future needs of each numbered district.

What is an Amenity Fee?

The amenity fee is what we call a "Fun Fee". This is a fee that all the residents pay regardless of location or what size home you have......A million dollar Premier home or a mobile home.....It doesn't matter.....Everyone pays a fee for the amenities. The fee runs monthly at $145 and can change according to the Consumer Price Index(CPI). It pays for the pools, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, recreation centers, executive golf courses etc.

Who should I turn to in The Villages to help me buy a home?

You have two different types of sales people that can help you purchase a home in The Villages, Florida.

First, you have The Villages sales representatives who focus more on new homes sales that are built by the developer than resales, so it can be hard to say if they actually have your best interest in mind. This can be a bit tricky because their work is based on honesty which can be difficult to measure because they represent the developer....NOT YOU!!

The Villages sales representatives can only sell you homes listed in The Villages privately owned VLS which comprises of only about 50% of the total number of listings on the market. This means that you will miss out on about 50% of resale properties for sale in The Villages if you only work with the developers sales associates.

The other option that you have is to hire a Realtor. REALTORS are governed by strict code of ethics that is enforced both nationally and locally. We pull our listings from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).

As a Realtor, your buyer's agent, I will be working for you and representing you. I will caution you about the "puffing" used by the developers sales associates, and provide you with the whole truth, no matter what the cost. I will also be able to advise you about financing, what to look for in a new property and clear up any concerns that developers agent may prefer you to not know. I will help you negotiate the contract terms all the way to the closing table.

As a Realtor, I count on your referrals and repeat business....This is another very powerful reason for me to provide you with the highest level of service that I can. 

So my advice to you is to make a buyer's representation agreement with a REALTOR like me, and make sure that you are accompanied to any new homes sales office in The Villages, Florida. I’ve got your back!!

The Villages covers about 40 square miles in Central Florida and has a population of about 120,000. The Average age is 65 years old.


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The Villages of Fenney



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Jennifer Lee Tellier